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Georgia Fairchild wrote: Homework
  84 cm3 24 cm3 240 cm3 120 cm3 765 cm3 253.125 cm3 (More)
Jasmita Sehra wrote: HOW DOES YOUTUBE WORK???
Have you always wondered how YouTube works? Well, read on to find out how YouTube really work! Did you know YouTube videos are all in Adobe flash video format? It has the file extension designation of .flv. You've probaly experienced many different (More)
An iPhone touchscreen as Jeff tells us (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euCewYGHZB0) is realy your new best friend. A touchscreen works by your fingers as they have electricity in them. to get the most information go to see Jeff's video ( the link is (More)
Erin McCarthy wrote: Pancake Day!
                                            Today is Pancake day! Today years 5 and 6 were lucky enough to be able to make Pancakes... Pancake day marks the start of Lent. On Pancake day Christians give up some sort of lu (More)
Jasmita Sehra wrote: Google expeditions
On Tuesday 10th people from google came in and showed and taught us                                              to use google expeditions.                                                     (More)
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