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Mr Lathia wrote: MATHS CHALLENGE
Who can work out this problem? (More)
Mr Lathia wrote: IKEA GAME
http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/store/reading/ Use the link above to get to the IKEA website. Choose a piece of furniture to describe and give the last 4 digits of the article number. Then post your descriptions along with the product number and the (More)
If you were to organise your own school trip,where would you go and why? (More)
Mr Lathia wrote: WOULD YOU RATHER?
Hello, it's so good to see so many of you using the blog. I want you to give each other 'Would you rather questions'. For example I might say,would you rather drive a Ferrari or go on a hot air balloon ride? You can be adventurous and creative as you (More)
Mr Lathia wrote: Optical Illusions -
I found these cool optical illusions online. See if you find hem interesting.   (More)
Mr Lathia wrote: Match of the Day Catch up
Here are highlights of the weekend's football in case you missed it. Enjoy! (More)
Mr Lathia wrote: Fruit Wordsearch
How many of the fruits can you find in this word search? (More)
Mr Lathia wrote: Volume HOMEWORK
Here are some volume questions following on from our maths lesson today. You may use a calculator to help you if you wish. Remember Length x Width x Height = Volume Also remember to answer using the correct units. (More)
How many maths vocabulary words can you think of that start with the letter M? (More)
Can you match these flags to a Scandinavian Country. Use an atlas to help you. Colour of flag Blue and Yellow Blue, White and Red (red background) Red and White Blue and White Red, White and Blue (Blue background) Leave your an (More)
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