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Linking with PSHE and our aspiration work, I would like to know what you want to be when you are old enough to work. Remember to give a reason and to think about the skills you are good at. I know most boys want to be footballers, but think about wha (More)
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Just wanted to know what you guys would do if you received £1 million. Remember to give a reason for your answer. (More)
Mr Lathia wrote: Best Joke Competition
Hello Nightingale, I hope you are having a good evening and are behaving yourselves. I'm starting a Joke competition so make sure you post your funniest Jokes in the comments below. The person who makes me laugh out loud the most will win some chocol (More)
Jasmita Sehra wrote: HOW DOES YOUTUBE WORK???
Have you always wondered how YouTube works? Well, read on to find out how YouTube really work! Did you know YouTube videos are all in Adobe flash video format? It has the file extension designation of .flv. You've probaly experienced many different (More)
Tipyan Ahmed wrote: How does YouTube work?
There are three main before posting anything on YouTube . Creators . Viewers . Advertisers You can learn this from                                            https//www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkEykZNul7A https://www. (More)
Jorja Evans wrote: How whatsapp work
As the video says (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhnFh1MGx4w)whatsapp is a way to connect with friend and family without having to go to them.On whatsapp you can send unlimated photos,short videos,voice notes and texts.All you need to use it is wif (More)
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