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Mrs Carlucci wrote: Christmas Production Songs
http://magpie2017.manorprimary.net/2017/11/09/christmas-production-songs-and-lyrics/ Here is the link to Magpie Class Blog. It has the lyrics and backing tracks for you to practise at home. (More)
Mrs Carlucci wrote: Number 28
Question time! Who/what is Number 28? What is his mission? Where has he come from? Who is he speaking to? Do robots have feelings? Will there be robots around in the future? If we all had a personal robot that belonged to us, would thi (More)
Mrs Carlucci wrote: Countdown Challenge
How many number sentences can you think of using the numbers that equal 24. Remember, you can use any operation to achieve the answers. (More)
Mrs Carlucci wrote: The Baby Tortoise
These sentences are sick and need your help to get better! Terry was scared. He thought the world was scary. He wanted to stay with his mother. Improve the sentences and comment below with your new ideas (More)
Mrs Carlucci wrote: Joke Challenge
  What is the funniest joke you know? Post your jokes in the comments section and I will pick my favourite. Make sure you comment by Friday 6th October 2017!! (More)
Mrs Carlucci wrote: Maths Challenge
  Can you work out the value of each of the animals? Comment below with your answers..... (More)
Mrs Carlucci wrote: Stranded
  The trees, which stretched up far from the sandy shoreline, covered almost all of the small island. We sat there quietly, taking in the natural beauty that surrounded us. Finally, we had made it to paradise, our home for the next two (More)
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