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Mr Lathia wrote: COUNTDOWN
Can you make the total 135 using the numbers: 1,  3,  12,  10,  2,   25,  5 Whats the longest word you can make from the letters: E   L   S   A   H   T   R   P (More)
Mr Lathia wrote: IKEA GAME
http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/store/reading/ Use the link above to get to the IKEA website. Choose a piece of furniture to describe and give the last 4 digits of the article number. Then post your descriptions along with the product number and the (More)
If you were to organise your own school trip,where would you go and why? (More)
Mr Lathia wrote: WOULD YOU RATHER?
Hello, it's so good to see so many of you using the blog. I want you to give each other 'Would you rather questions'. For example I might say,would you rather drive a Ferrari or go on a hot air balloon ride? You can be adventurous and creative as you (More)
I want to buy a new computer game this week and I really don't know which one to choose. Please will you make some recommendations? What's your favourite game at the moment? What platform is it one? what age range is it for? What kind of game is it? (More)
Mr Lathia wrote: Animal Anagrams
Can you sort these jumbled letters to find the animal hiding behind the word? FLOW RAPTOR LOOPED CORONA HARKS PRIDES SANDIER BOLSTER CAROB GARBED   (More)
Hello, it's competition time Nightingale. Can you please cut and paste the funniest picture of you reading a book in the comments sections below. You could be in a funny place, you could be pulling a funny face or you could be reading in a funny way. (More)
http://www.pobble365.com/the-glass-house/ (More)
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