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Not too long ago, in a dark hidden box was 101 shopkins waiting to be played with, but no that never happened so one night, they escaped and ran into the forbidden woods that no one dares to go in. They crossed a river, broken trees and even a fox. T (More)
Georgia Fairchild wrote: This is why i created this chair
A hard working girl, Kayla Rose, is only 26 years old and works in a managers office. She loves to help people when they are new or when they are stuck. She works at a travel office so when people want to go on holiday, she books it for them. This ch (More)
Georgia Fairchild wrote: Comparing fractions
4/5 < 20/15 7/8 < 4/2 6/15 < 2/3 2/2 > 7/12 6/21 < 4/7 (More)
The definition to my name is: The name Georgia is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Georgia is: A feminine form of the Greek George, meaning tiller of the soil, or farmer. Famous bearer: the American state of Georg (More)
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