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Eueal Tilahun wrote: Hustling 2017
On  Tuesday 13 June  we perform in from I front are house and the teachers  will pick 3 people to go to the second round were the hole school votes and who ever wins from each house will be house captain (More)
Eueal Tilahun wrote: Sponsored walk/run
On april3rd we done a sponsored for the school money.we had to walk ,run for school money. How many laps you do is how much money you pay I done 17 hoed much laps did you do? (More)
what is your favourite football players? Mine is Paul pogba,ibrahovic messi ,ronaldo ,bale,coutuare,Ramos,neymar,Suarez,hazard ,greizman,coutione   what is yours? (More)
Eueal Tilahun wrote: My Easter holidays plan
On the Easter holidays I will be haveing a really big party  and go out to Nando's.then the day after that I will be go to have a picnic or the park. By Eueal (More)
Eueal Tilahun wrote: Google Exploration day =) !!!!
Today was a really a  really fun day because we got to have ago with the VR. So all the class went into the hall and got a VR . Then are teacher Miss James start it.First we went under water and then me and Rio  saw a man and a shark.Then we went (More)
Miss James wrote: Pen Licence
Well Done to Livia, Ryan, Alannah, Dylan and Eueal for their incredibly hard work to achieve their pen licence. They should be extremely proud of themselves. (More)
Eueal Tilahun wrote: A Joke
What do you give a pig with spots ????????   AOWINKMENT   =) (More)
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