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Eueal Tilahun wrote: Hustling 2017
On  Tuesday 13 June  we perform in from I front are house and the teachers  will pick 3 people to go to the second round were the hole school votes and who ever wins from each house will be house captain (More)
Eueal Tilahun wrote: Sponsored walk/run
On april3rd we done a sponsored for the school money.we had to walk ,run for school money. How many laps you do is how much money you pay I done 17 hoed much laps did you do? (More)
what is your favourite football players? Mine is Paul pogba,ibrahovic messi ,ronaldo ,bale,coutuare,Ramos,neymar,Suarez,hazard ,greizman,coutione   what is yours? (More)
Eueal Tilahun wrote: My Easter holidays plan
On the Easter holidays I will be haveing a really big party  and go out to Nando's.then the day after that I will be go to have a picnic or the park. By Eueal (More)
Eueal Tilahun wrote: Google Exploration day =) !!!!
Today was a really a  really fun day because we got to have ago with the VR. So all the class went into the hall and got a VR . Then are teacher Miss James start it.First we went under water and then me and Rio  saw a man and a shark.Then we went (More)
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