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Naajidah Muminah wrote: EXCITING NEWS from YOUNG WRITERS
Manor's  5/6  entered  in  a  Minecraft  poem  competition  a  few  months  ago  and  we've  got  some  exciting  news  from  them... From  our  school , 79  out  of  89  poems  have  been  selected  to  be  published (More)
Georgia Fairchild wrote: This is why i created this chair
A hard working girl, Kayla Rose, is only 26 years old and works in a managers office. She loves to help people when they are new or when they are stuck. She works at a travel office so when people want to go on holiday, she books it for them. This ch (More)
Naajidah Muminah wrote: My Character Profile
This is why I chose to make this chair.... Princess Rosilina ,a loving, caring princess, spends most of her time on her old, worn out throne so she was thrilled when she found out she had a new deluxe yet beautiful chair. This diamond encrusted th (More)
Jasmita Sehra wrote: Jasmita's character profile
 Winter, the 22 year old princess, spends 90% of  her time in her exquisite throne. Well I don't blame her, as with red velvet and encrusted diamond and gold, you just can't say no! As well as being useful, this chair is padded with not 2, not 3, b (More)
Jane Kamara wrote: Character Profile
This why i designed my chair, Summer Rose, a normal office worker, was looking for a comfortable chair to use in her office. She was looking for a chair that would adjust, move and still be relaxing at the same time. With a life time warranty, this (More)
Lupin the 1st , who is a lord and warrior , likes to enter battle 5 Hours each day . When he returns to the kingdom , the only thing he wants to do is sit down and relax . He is 46 so  that makes him tired as well . This luxury  throne comes with (More)
Rio Bartholomew wrote: English work
This chair was designed for King Shane. King Shane, who likes to walk around the kingdom for 2 at least 2 hours  when hes done, goes to his golden,shining throne with coloured gems planted in. The stylish, red comfortable layers feel like pillows,Th (More)
Naajidah Muminah wrote: My Minecraft World!
Minecraft, I love this game, Although it's addictive, It's definitely not lame, Rhymecraft. Let me tell you a little bit about it... The square sky cried, And the mooshroom cow lied, The chicken died And the horse took a ride. Then it t (More)
Jasmita Sehra wrote: Jasmita's Fab Minecraft Poem
Minecraft is not lame, I really love this game, Now I know the most powerful weapon is a sword, Enderdragon - all hail- is the lord, Crafting is a as cool as ice, Riding and jumping onto rocks, Axes can let loose, Filling houses with blocks, (More)
Jasmita Sehra wrote: Jasmita's furniture project
You must buy this de luxe , French style bed as it is clearly our best seller and on offer for only £200.01. Wouldn't you love a new, incredibly soft bed that is sure to give your room the unique touch it needs? Well this the right one for you, as (More)
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