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Mr Jeffreys wrote: Programming project week 1
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Lots of different facts (Challenge: from different sources!) Pictures (of them, their signature, the building) Colourful layout / theme Make it fun! Include quizzes or other 'interactive' elements Animations and transitions Videos (More)
Mr Jeffreys wrote: Collaborative presentations
Our success criteria We've worked as a team Includes some images Includes facts - that we know, some from our topic/science books, or from other websites Includes some videos Colourful and attractive - you could use themes Use ani (More)
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Eueal Tilahun wrote: Howwifi works
This is how wifi works it is part of magesinian family how pepol e know what the waves look like  mimi mountains upto 30-40 meters .but the only problem is that it can't go through stuff. (More)
18lucass wrote: HOW DOES SIM CITY WORK
  Sim city works like this:First you download it then it wait because it need to install the places you start off with and  what you need and thinks like that. It also need to look how much things there are. Once installed you tap it and t (More)
Rio Bartholomew wrote: How does roblox work?
https://www.roblox.com/newloginRoblox is a game where you can make games for friends its friendly because when you try to say bad words it will cut out the speech in the texts you can also create a game by pressing Develop and you will go to a sandbo (More)
Matthew Cox wrote: how does touch screen work ?
These are the lays of the screen there are: resistive , surpace capactive ,acoustive , infared projected ,optical imaging. if you push the screen hard it will effect the screen lightly nothing will happen.there are three lays of the screenhttp://w (More)
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