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Jasmita Sehra wrote: Jasmita's Fab Minecraft Poem
Minecraft is not lame, I really love this game, Now I know the most powerful weapon is a sword, Enderdragon - all hail- is the lord, Crafting is a as cool as ice, Riding and jumping onto rocks, Axes can let loose, Filling houses with blocks, (More)
Jasmita Sehra wrote: Jasmita's furniture project
You must buy this de luxe , French style bed as it is clearly our best seller and on offer for only £200.01. Wouldn't you love a new, incredibly soft bed that is sure to give your room the unique touch it needs? Well this the right one for you, as (More)
Jasmita Sehra wrote: Jokes
1.Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer-space?                           To get Pluto! 2.What does Ariel like on her toast?                     Mermalade!                     3.What is (More)
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