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The theme for this term is Mexico ....I ❤️🇲🇽.they have a lot of strange things there I ❤️❤️❤️Strange .and the best is bull fighting. You get to kill a bull .WOW it's cruel to kill but you make bulls run into walls.germ (More)
Rio Bartholomew wrote: My Headdress
Today me and my classmates are going to be creating a headdress in are class room and it's going to have so many feathers we are goung to look like a pidgeoto it's going to look really cool we are so going to like art today this is an example of a he (More)
Miss Lowe wrote: Day Of The Dead
We have been inspired by the artwork of David Lozeau and the Day Of The Dead celebration in Mexico. Do you like some of our artwork?  Please leave comments! (More)
Miss James wrote: Day of the Dead Face Paints
In Art we have been creating our face paint designs for our 'Dia de los Muertos' festival that we will be holding in November. Please give us some feedback on our designs and improvements we coud make. (More)
Kevin Tuleassi wrote: Art
My favourite lesson is Art and P.E .and I C T.  I  enjyeod making skeletons. I made one doing magic.   (More)
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