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Reema Muhamade Muhajireen wrote: Maths
We have been doing time for our maths and I really enjoyed doing that because it is really fun and sometimes challenging . I have been loving this week and I wonder what we are doing next week. (More)
Alannah White wrote: Gone to see cats the musical
On Saturday we done dance for 3 hours then we had to rush home to see the kittens .Then we rushed to my nans also we had to get dressed so I ware a red dress and some tights and boots.So we had to squeeze into my mums car.I was ion the side.We finall (More)
Magpie Class really enjoyed their trip to Cadbury World on Friday. They learnt about Mayan civilisation, the importance of the cocoa bean and the many different ways in which chocolate can be used! (More)
Miss James wrote: Magpie 2016
Magpie made a great start to their scrapbook with this stunning photo! (More)
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