_DSC8070We work hard to equip our children with the skills and knowledge necessary to stay safe online, use technology responsibly and make the most of the opportunities that new and emerging technologies provide them with.

Getting Help

If a parent or child has any concern about e-safety, please approach either your child’s teacher, the school office, or Mr Jeffreys as the E-Safety Officer pjeffreys@manor.reading.sch.uk 

ceopbutton[1]If you have a concern you should report it to CEOP, the police unit responsible for online safety of children and young people.


New information sheet for parents

We shared a new information sheet with parents at our Parent-Teacher Meetings during March 2016. A copy of this is also available online.

Safe_Int_Centre_RGB_AW[1]Social media check lists for Families

The following handy guides have been produced by the UK Safer Internet Centre to help parents understand some of the popular social networking sites. More information is available about others using the Net-Aware site from the NSPCC.

Videos for Families

There are plenty of resources to support parents to find out more about e-safety. These could be as background information, to talk with your child about, or activities to do together. Some of these can be found at:

Net AwareNet Aware

If you are unsure about a social networking site, its features and suitability for your children, you may find the pages on the NSPCC Net Aware website helpful. For example a few commonly used guides are:

Our E-Safety scheme of learning

Download this as a document

The following articles are automatically updated from Parent Info, a website run by The Parent Zone and CEOP.

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